AaaS{ ARM-as-a-Service }


The world's first ARM® cloud service dedicated to facilitating
software migration to the ARM® architecture

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ARM®-as-a-Service (AaaS) has been designed specifically to ease the transition of moving or migrating your software to the ARM architecture. The solution is based on the Viridis Microserver, the world's first self-contained, ultra-low power cluster and provides developers with all the tools and services required to port and migrate software to the ARM platform.

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Boston Viridis - ARM Microserver

What are you using?

Each Viridis server has a single 1.1GHz quad core ARM Cortex A9 System on Chip, 4GB DDR3, 1x 250GB SATA HDD. If you choose to use multiple nodes, each node will be connected via dual 10GbE.

What porting tools are available?

The BREEZE appliance allows users to assess what their programs are doing as they run so that they can resolve missing dependencies quickly and migrate programs between platforms more easily. BREEZE takes the guesswork out of installation processes.

Breeze comes with IO profiling and advanced search and compare facilities. You can trace programs on other ARM or x86 Linux systems and compare the two traces in Breeze. It will automatically pick out differences in dependencies and user settings so you can resolve issues quickly.

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What if I want to run x86 binaries and applications on the ARM-based Viridis?

Eltechs’ virtualization software allows users to run Intel-based software easily and efficiently to the ARM architecture.

With Eltechs software we are delivering a fully transparent way of allowing users access to the low power benefits of ARM-based solutions, while being able to provide customers with services that are run on conventional Intel-based software. Moreover, Eltechs’ solution helps ISVs run their Intel-based programmes on the Viridis without porting or modifying the initial software; avoiding any heavy investment in ARM-based hardware and decreasing time-to-market.


The Viridis Microserver - the power behind ARM®-as-a-Service - has a new and rapidly expanding user base who are already benefiting from its ultra-low power and scalable architecture. But what do they really think?

BIOS IT has been instrumental in helping us bring our advanced next-generation storage technology Storleap to the ARM® architecture. We're convinced that bringing Storleap to Viridis will bring a tremendous reduction in energy consumption thanks to the ultra-low power ARM® technology implemented by BIOS IT.

Dr Dan Greenfield, Co-founder and Director, Fonleap Ltd

Isn’t it time you join the ARM® revolution?